About Us

Fabra Dome is a pioneer and a leader in the hoop barn industry. Fabra Dome is one of the oldest hoop barn providers in the United States. It is worldwide with authorized dealers and buildings from coast to coast, as well as in Alaska, Europe, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Fabra Dome provides an engineering concept that is adaptable to all building needs. The structures are very low cost and able to fit all types of applications. These buildings are classified as portable, and may or may not be subject to real estate taxes, depending on the area. The installation of these structures is quick and quite simple. The low cost and ease of installation gives Fabra Dome buildings a distinct advantage over traditional wood and metal buildings. Another major advantage is that these units are not just a single-purpose structure. A Fabra Dome building may be purchased for a specific purpose, and if circumstances change, the use can be altered with ease. The buildings also hold their value due to the ease of moving or relocating. The Fabra Dome building can be sold to a new owner. Resale value is usually very near to the original purchase price.

The final benefit for a Fabra Dome structure is after 30 or 40 years of useful life, this structure is portable and can be sold, moved to another location, or dismantled in a short period of time. This eliminates the major cost of a bulldozer to bury the debris.

A Fabra Dome building provides a very high, bright interior and requires no artificial electric lighting during the daylight hours. There are no building systems that provide better natural ventilation than these buildings. This is due to the clear span interior that has no obstructions to stop air flow. The design and dome profile allows the moisture to travel down the inside of the cover to the ground, emanating the raining effect of a conventional building.